Our People
Marco Crisari - Art Director (Magazines)

When Marco has his head above water, he is designing on leading titles like Mac User, Men’s Fitness, PC Advisor, Stuff, Radio Times and Maxim. Marco is head of Magazine creative at The Ad Plain. What ever you do though, don’t start a music discussion about Keane….

Chief Characteristic: I'm happier under water than above water.
Greatest Virtue in Man: Adaptability
Most Popular Vice: Depends on the time of day
Your Ideal Name: I don't know you well enough
Favourite Colour: Open ocean blue at 30m depth
Favourite Artist: Pixies
Favourite Film: Alien
Top Super Hero: BartMan
Prettiest Flower: I like Cacti
Greatest Moment: Any time spent under water but in particular coming face to face with a Hammerhead while diving off Sipadan Island in Malaysian Borneo.
Favourite Websites www.gazzetta.it

Email: marco@theadplain.com