A reason for being

When I started TAP in 2002 the aim was simple. To create an agency culture that I wanted to work in with good people, great clients and a supportive working environment. An environment that attracts talented, like-minded people who want to concentrate their energy on clients and achieving rather than playing company politics (we don’t do politics).

So that is our reason for being and I am delighted to say that we have a team at TAP that has the ability to make a real difference to our clients. This approach and collective experience has also helped us develop an extensive global network of content generators and marketing specialists, enabling us to offer an accurate and creative approach to regional requirements.

Over the last 30+ years we have seen amazing change in the agency world. Historically a good creative idea would win and retain you the business.   Now through technology the world is so much more accountable and that good creative concept is tracked along the whole messaging journey through to a sale. As well as this accountability, the whole way of reaching people has changed beyond all recognition. This has bought a new set of challenges because your messaging can easily be presented to the right audience, in the right environment and at the right time, but it has to appeal and generate engagement. 

So, this is where we start, with the engaging content.

Anyway, there is far more to TAP than just me.  We thought that it might be more interesting to ask other members of the team why TAP is important to them.

TAP Duncan Signature

Duncan Murray-Clarke


Why we like working at TAP


Shaun Cooper

Head of Insight

TAP peopleShaun Cooper

"Having worked at a few agencies, TAP is different. Being independent and Client driven, the entire team work seamlessly together to create and produce ideas that work quickly in the real world.

Duncan the founder, genuinely cares about the team, our Clients and the development of the business. It might be old fashioned, but too often you can lose sight of who matters most and why we love getting out of bed Monday to Friday."

Michelle Coupar


TAP people Michelle Coupar

"Each day is different at TAP, we have a great team of supportive staff here, and I’m lucky to be part of it.

TAP has a unique market within the agriculture sector, which is a pleasure to work in. I learn something new pretty much every day, and am building on my accounting experience rapidly!"

Emily McCaver

Account Executive Content

TAP Emily McCaver

"One of the best things about working with TAP is the incredible team! I feel really lucky to work on such a wide range of interesting projects with a variety of interesting people from all over the world.

I enjoy discovering all the incredible improvements going on in agriculture right now. Working for TAP allows me not only to learn about new innovations but also to work on projects to share them with a wider audience.

From sustainable chemistry to drone technology, my position at TAP allows me to learn about the future of farming while also providing opportunities to improve my own abilities through training and mentoring."

Jenni Green

Senior Account Executive

TAP people Jenni Green

"I really enjoy working for TAP as I get to indulge my two great passions- my love of all things creative and the world of agriculture. We get to work on UK and worldwide projects and I really get a kick out of seeing our projects come to life – it sounds like a cliché but there are really no two days the same here.

To top it all off, we have a really talented team at TAP – not only are they are great fun to be around, but the results produced when we work together on projects is fantastic!

Borja Vega

Senior Manager - Spain

"I've always wanted to work in marketing/communications. With the internet, there are plenty of fascinating opportunities and it's changed the way that we interact/communicate/buy.

In the last 10 years I’ve work with startups, international companies, local businesses, big and small agencies, radio, newspaper and even TV. I love how over year I’ve never been bored because when you work in digital marketing there is always a new platform, a new trend to get involved in."

"Partnering with TAP has helped our team tackle the challenges of the European marketplace and its diversity of geographies and languages. TAP’s expertise, connections and work has strengthened our brand, content and social media efforts. We appreciate its responsive collaborative approach, and its ability to work efficiently within short timelines, limited budgets and across time zones and languages. Plus it connected quickly with our team and are a pleasure to work with."

Colleen Shaw - Global Communications Leader, Nuseed

"The Ad Plain’s digital skills and expertise have helped Interagro in building a social media presence in the agricultural market place. TAP are innovative and creative with their ideas and at the forefront of developing social media strategies. A dynamic and forward thinking team - an absolute joy to work with."

Emma Ralph - Managing Director, Interagro

"Mexico Tourism Board worked with TAP for all its creative requirements for UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. We have been delighted with the strong creative concepts which work effectively over a broad spectrum of media. In addition, as well as communicating a strong image of Mexico, the creative works to accurately portray the rich diversity of Mexico's many regions. The whole team are always ready to help and will find a solution for any problem and hit even the tightest deadlines."

Lupita Ayala - Deputy Director, Mexico Tourism Board

"TAP have helped Monsanto through all stages of establishing and building a social media presence for DEKALB, which yielded impressive results in a recent high-profile website launch."

Lucy Kane - Production & Marketing Coordinator, Monsanto

"The Ad Plain's professional, creative and patient approach enabled us to produce a vibrant and accessible report for the conference which will stand the test of time and which is already creating demand for further copies. Thank you to The Ad Plain team for working so effectively with us."

Julian Gairdner - Co-chairman Oxford Farming Conference