Bring your content to life with Motion.

Cutting through noise & being heard in such a competitive space can be quite a challenge, especially in an online environment. Advancements in technology now mean we can reach audiences in a more emotional way through motion content.

TAP’s understanding of clients, audiences and the market have allowed us to form emotional connections with the end-user, in-turn broadening our offering to deliver more powerful, engaging video & motion graphic content.

If you want to turn motion into emotion, then we’ve got you covered.

Short Promo

Short Promo Videos

Deliver impactful messaging through short promo videos. Online or offline.


Education & Training

Deliver your training through a more engaging format, accessible to all.

Event Coverage


Interviews & highlights videos bring the event straight to your audience.

Corporate Films


Raise brand awareness & visibility with engaging corporate films.

Drone Footage


Drone footage can give your audience a different perspective.

General Footage


If you need bespoke general filming or bright, new ideas, talk to us.

Case Study - Drone Videography Services

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