Case Study

Adama Global

Strategy and creation of performance driven content to engage globally.

Adama is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies and as such required a content strategy with a plan that engaged and informed its target audience and relevant global stakeholders.

Strategy and planning

Following detailed scrutiny of Adama’s business plan, goals, brand pillars and with our inherent knowledge of the key farming target audience, we devised a content strategy and plan.

The process identified what content we would create, when and how we would share the content and what success would look like with associated KPIs.  

Content Creation - Adama Global

Creating killer content

We work with the world’s best agricultural writers and experts to create compelling stories which our talented content team brings to life and adapts appropriately for each channel.

Through constant listening, learning and plenty of gut-feel, we truly understand what stories will engage and delight Adama’s audience all year round. 

Content Creation - Adama Global

We’re passionate about content and we feel honoured to help share so many amazing stories about food, farmers and farming through our work with Adama.

Review, evolve, improve

It's not good enough that we are out-performing Adama’s key competitors on content engagement month after month. It’s our job to keep monitoring, reviewing and comparing performance. 

Through constant review of strategy and evolution of tactics we ensure that world class content is delivered in the most optimum format. 

Content Creation - Adama Global