Case Study

ADAMA Global

Tailoring learning for a global marketing & sales community

Changing a global organisation’s culture is one of the most challenging leadership challenges as it invariably involves a puzzle of so many interlocking parts. The end goal for ADAMA was to improve performance by changing behaviour and capabilities throughout the company.

In order to do this it was important to select a partner with a proven track record of addressing the challenges and introducing modern employee engagement content to ensure greater leadership consistency and coherence. We were delighted to help with what became a vital part of their transformation programme.

What we didn’t know then, was how big and transformative it was going to be!


In 2017 TAP was delighted to be chosen as the partner to support this project. The next step was to create an international event to announce ADAMA’s vision for cultural change. Purdue University, a pre-eminent US University with strengths in Agriculture, Management and Engineering, was chosen to host a global training residential course for 200 sales and marketing leaders from 50 different countries.

Employee Engagement - ADAMA Global


ADAMA needed to inspire and equip their entire sales and marketing teams, about 2,000 people in all, to transform their marketing and sales function from selling a large range of off-patent crop protection products to customer-centric high value solutions. Key to this was understanding the principles of value propositions, differentiating themselves from the competition and anticipating the requirements of varied customer types by using the latest commercial, marketing & culture change frameworks

The programme had to keep the marketing and sales leaders focussed and highly motivated if we were to drive through change and significantly increase performance through an integrated learning solution.

Employee Engagement - ADAMA Global

“To meet our performance goals, close the gap and eventually move ahead of the competition, we need to transform the way we sell and market our range of crop protection products. We need to acknowledge what we need to change and empower our country management team to translate our learning and development programme to develop more effective and tangible plans”. 

Our Approach

Working closely with a small global team, Purdue and the technology partner responsible for the SAP Success Factors LMS platform, we helped launch the programme. Our first step was to develop a brand identity around the theme of Symphony,  which promoted the essence of the transformative agenda and provided a strong platform for all promotional collateral and potential new activities – helping to sustain the programme over the next few years.  

Our work with a number of global corporate organisations ensures we are able to deliver projects of this scale and importance, on time and on budget, whilst working with multiple stakeholders to sustain employee engagement. Subsequently, the programme has evolved into a global multi-lingual e-learning programme, and we are now in the process of designing a Sales Leadership programme called Tempo, along with a field sales e-learning programme. 

Throughout the different phases of the programme, we have held weekly Zoom calls, organised planning workshops and content review sessions. Being ‘open, collaborative, brave and honest’ are values we all share, and Symphony & Tempo allowed us to bring everyone together.

Design and Launch

  • Create and develop a strong Symphony and Tempo brand identities for two programmes
  • Produce informal but engaging pre and post event selfie films from 200 delegates from across the business to help create local excitement from around the world
  • Develop a range of Employee Engagement collateral to brand the event – Posters, Flags, Films, signage, Presentation documents, giveaways etc.
  • Design a post-event digital guide of the programme for reference
Employee Engagement - ADAMA Global

Post Launch

  • Produce a film for annual conference
  • Repurpose, adapt and design Purdue academic training content into a Digital Guidebook
  • Author an e-learning pilot module through SAP LMS
Employee Engagement - ADAMA Global

E-learning Development

  • Develop an interactive e-learning programme; comprising of 6 chapters (19 modules), 400 screens in Storyline in 14 weeks
  • Adapt the developed e-learning across 10 languages
  • In the process of rolling out the leadership e-workbook programme to Sales
  • In the process of developing a field sales e-learning programme
Employee Engagement - ADAMA Global


There was a clear opportunity for us to inspire togetherness and engage country managers on an emotional level to encourage collaboration and endorse a new way of working. We created Symphony, a theme that resonated with the aspiration for change, had ADAMA DNA at its core and encapsulated our need for creating great opportunities together. 

Thanks to the success of Symphony and the momentum the programme has generated, it is clear the marketing and sales leadership group understand the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering content in this way. We are now helping the Client to define the scope of works to extend the programme in multi-languages. 


“TAP has helped us better understand the value of e-learning and the application of different methods of learning such as film, quizzes and working templates using Storyline to increase employee engagement across the globe compared to traditional training activities.” 

 Moti Mordehai - Head of Commercial Excellence | Marketing