Case Study

StreetPlain Test

The financial model of airlines has changed considerably with cheaper airfares and higher running costs.

Ancillary revenues from seat allocation, luggage charges and in particular onboard sales now form a major part of the financial model. Traditionally airline management have found it hard to communicate with cabin crew who are literally everywhere at any one time. Combined with this, the role of crew was evolving to incorporate the sales function which was harder for the more experienced crew to accept.

Creative problem solving

TAP devised a web based community which revolved round a virtual high street with stores that mirrored products sold on board.

The platform enabled crew to access the information needed to aid the sales process.In addition the site contained a cinema showing the latest brand ads and a virtual Cyber Café for chatting with colleagues. 

Our Approach - StreetPlain

Added value

Brands sold on board could also advertise on the sit, contributing to the site costs.

They were rewarded for utilising the site in a points based system and product knowledge was shared in this virtual community as opposed to direction from management.

Our Approach - StreetPlain

Bringing people together

Streetplain was live with Virgin Atlantic for nearly 3 years and aided the share of product knowledge considerably but also encouraged the 2 way flow of information between crew and management. 

Our Approach - StreetPlain
"Streetplain is a fabulous concept from TAP that links management with crew and really strengthens the communication process. We had a strong program to drive revenues whilst working with Virgin Atlantic and this platform had a big impact on Product knowledge and crew communication. The team at TAP is also supportive and great to deal with.”

Joe Harvey - Tourvest Inflight Retail Services (Concessionaire for Virgin Atlantic)