Unique tractor dealer research released - Part one

Insight is at the heart of everything we do at TAP. We have made it our business to understand the world of agriculture and to stand out as an agency with compelling content at its heart. Our latest fact finding mission has seen us commission some research amongst UK machinery dealers (agriculture and ground care) regarding their opinions and perceptions about the market and brands.

Part One -  Important influencers for dealers

The tractor market has seen ups and downs over the last few years with new players entering and it is fair to say disrupting the market.

Dealers are that crucial connection with the customer and we will be sharing this unique research with you over the coming month or so and findings will be posted below. The data was collected via a survey through Service Dealer Magazine earlier this year which sampled feedback from 48 dealership organisations across the UK.

A summary document of the findings will be available from TAP.
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Relationship with the manufacturer is the most critical influencer for ag dealers when choosing brands to stock

Unique tractor dealer research released - Part one

When choosing brands to stock, dealers are faced with a number of factors that will influence their final decision.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that price is the greatest determining factor when choosing a brand to stock, however it is interesting to learn that a ‘Manufacturers Approach to Dealers’ was rated as most important, with 88% of the dealers we surveyed (a total of 48) giving a score of 4 or higher; 1= least important, 5 = most important /critical.

In comparison, only 50% of the dealers we surveyed rated ‘Price’ with a score of 4 or more.

We also asked dealers to rate the importance of ‘Heritage’ , and surprisingly only 47% saw this as most important. Interestingly, ‘Brand Perception’ was rated highly, with 78% of our survey giving it a score of 4 or more, suggesting that the perception of a brand is still important - something that might be influenced by ‘Sales & Marketing’, and also ‘innovation’ (85% of our survey rated these as important).

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