Effective digital campaigns for a niche market

What is the key to running an effective digital campaign for a niche market? 

Since I started working in agriculture a few years ago I´ve realised that it is a unique sector that needs more than just some tools and creative ideas to run successful digital campaigns.  You need to understand your audience in order to build and share interesting, relevant content.

Effective digital campaigns for a niche market

To have content (or creative) that is good for your business but is not relevant for your audience will result in failure.  However, if you combine the insights from your campaigns with the creative you are running you will understand the audience better.  

This year we have been invited to the Facebook and Instagram offices, here in Madrid (where we have our new TAP office), to be part of a hackathon  that seeks to help smaller businesses with their creative.

Effective digital campaigns for a niche market

We explained at this event how important it is to merge data and knowledge of the audience with the creative process to achieve your goals. This vast knowledge of the audience, the market and the competitors needs to be applied and that’s not always easy for a business to manage. However, using specialist agencies with expertise in a niche market can really help to target the right people, leading to successful campaigns. 

If you use an agency or not, remember that every campaign you run must resonate with your listeners. The bottom line is that if content is King - then the audience must be “God”. 

Borja Vega - 07/06/19